September 4, 2013

June 16, 2013

  • On The Road Less Taken...

    Guys, I'm gonna be on the radio! @roadlesstaken has invited me to be on his talk radio show. I get the awesome pleasure of joining Xanga's very own resident "Butt Expert", @shimmerbodycream. She's really anal about that title. Insists I use it whenever I introduce her to anyone. *shrugs*

    So yeah, I'm gonna be on his show on Sunday 6/16 at 7PST. That's Coolifornia time for all you lame non Coolifornians. We'll be talking about serious Xanga stuff like how the eProp has dropped in value over the years, the Troll population control, and why @thetheologianscafe asks so many questions.

    While you're listening to the show, you guys can participate too. You can call into the show, which I really want those of you who can to do so. It would be so awesome to talk to you fine folks "in person". You can throw some topics at us to discuss, ask questions, or even get a free consultation if you need my legendary unlicensed medical advice. There's also a chatroom for people to hop on. I at least wanna see you guys there. I don't care if you don't have the time. I don't care if you're super shy. Do it! 

    Head on over to @roadlesstaken's page to find out how to call in and join the chat.


June 12, 2013

  • On This Day, Ten Years Ago...

    I've been avoiding this kind of post. I wanted to put it off as long as possible. Today just seems like the best day for it. The flurry of emotion wreaking havoc on this place is almost unbearable. You have half the people of Xangaland aboard the ship headed out of here. Pilgrimaging (I just made up a word) their way to a new world. One on the other side of the internet where they may never be seen again. Then, you have a small group of people waiting things out. Hoping for the best possible outcome even though, if worst comes to worst, they will have no where to go. The third and final group is planning on unplugging from the matrix. To wake up in the harshness of the sun's light. To try their luck in the real world.

    You see, there's a common link between all of us here on Xanga. We're essentially one of two kinds of Xangans. The first being the ones who's blogging efforts focused on achieve the status of "top blogger". Gathering as many comments and as many rec's as they could. There was the daily struggle to find a niche and capitalize on it. Though, this is what eventually brought Xanga to it's end, I don't think anyone realized it.

    The second type of Xangan was the "hermit". Avoiding most of the other users, you fell in to a small clique. A group of friends that you were perfectly fine with interacting with. What initially brought you here was the need for someone to listen to what you had to say. Anyone would do and Xanga was perfect for that.

    The thing both have in common, that common link, we were all here for the attention. Every one of us in some way, shape, or form lack a certain kind of attention in our lives and Xanga fills that void. For some, it fills it in a good healthy way and others... well, not so much. Lack of attention from friends, family, significant others, etc. You name it. We're all just shouting in hopes that someone will listen and more often than not, someone would. This is what made Xanga so great.

    I'd like to thank everyone for that. Everyone of you who have befriended me when I needed someone to just listen. Ten years ago today, I started up this blog in hopes that someone would listen. A lot of you have. Even when I really wasn't saying much, there was always an ear waiting to be lent.

    Do you realize how difficult that is to find in real life? We're all so caught up with things we need to do to get by, a lot of the time we can't be there for the people we want to be there for. Around here, we made time. I am eternally thankful for that.

    I still haven't figured out where I'm headed from here. I'm on tumblr, twitter, Facebook, Google+, MySpace, Instagram, LinkedIn, After Dawn... Basically if you need to find me anywhere else, I'm at whatever site @lithium98. As far as blogging goes, I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep it up. These past fee months especially, have been kind of aimless. I wasn't sure why I was blogging anymore. I think, after a decade of the routine, it became just that, a routine. It hasn't been much of an outlet for me lately. Maybe I just don't need it anymore?

    I really do enjoy it. That's probably why I'm running rampant over at tumblr. Noncommittal blogging. Ha! There isn't much of a social aspect to it though. It's basically the internet's ADD side. Maybe if I find a new focus for a blog, I'll keep things going, but even if I don't, I'll still see you guys around. This is good bye to Xanga, not to each other. 

June 9, 2013

  • Cellphone Photography...

    I've been posting photography for years on here. It's something I really enjoy and like to share with you guys. Ever since my camera was stolen last year (which I still need to replace), I've been focusing more on my cellphone photos. I take it pretty seriously. I almost wouldn't hesitate to use my Instagram as a portfolio, really. Phonetography should be a thing, because I do it and it's awesome. There's something a bit more intimate about the rawness of a cellphone snap shot. It's quick, unplanned, and really meant to impress. Shooting with an actual camera is a whole different story. There's a  lot of planning behind each shot. It's like telling a painter to put down his fancy brush and step away from his fancy paints and giving him a box of crayons to work with. I definitely recommend you give it a try. It's just fun.

    This most likely is that last round of Cellphone Photography, so I'm making it a super sized edition. Thanks for making one of my favorite things to do also one of my favorite things to share with you all. 


    If you're on instagram, we should be pals. @lithium98

June 4, 2013

  • Racism In The World Of Competative Cooking...

    "Gordon Ramsay doesn’t care about your gender, race, or creed. All he cares about is that you can cook."

    I keep seeing this said about Gordon Ramsey. How he's so great for not caring if you're a minority of some sort. I see it in almost every post he's mentioned. Now, I don't watch his show or any other cooking shows for that matter, but I don't understand why he's getting so much credit for doing something he should be doing just like everyone else. You know, not being racist. "He doesn't care if you're Asian, Black, Hispanic, etc., he just cares that you can cook." Isn't that what the show's about? As far as I know about the show, it's a cooking competition, right? Why would it matter what race anyone is? Are all the other cooking shows racist? 

    I wish I got this much credit for not being judgmental based on something as unimportant as race. Kind of how you're already supposed not do. It's like those participation awards they hand out to kids for just showing up. Especially when it comes to racism, if you want it to go away, you gotta treat a situation like this as the norm. When you hold Ramsey in high regard for doing something he should be doing anyway, you're saying to everyone else racism is the standard and this man is exceptional for not being so.

    I don't get a cookie every time I'm in a room full of people and I DON'T murder anyone. Though, that would be cool.

June 3, 2013

  • How To Snakes...

    It's business as usual on my blog. I hope everything works out, but I'm also kind of over it all already. In spite of that, I have an entertaining thing I want to share with you... about snakes... and how to... snakes...


June 1, 2013

  • This Isn't Goodbye

    I don't think this photo has ever been more relevant than it is now. Haha!

    Guys, this sucks. I've been around Xanga for a decade. That's a third of my life practically. It's a big part of my life. I met my best friends here. I fell in love here. I poured my heart out. This was more than just code on a server floating around in cyberspace. This was a place where people gathered together and I was here at this place. This is where we all met and laughed and cried together. Lives have been SAVED by this place!

    I'm all for keeping Xanga going. Just as much as everyone else, I'm running the gamut of emotions about the whole thing. I'm angry and sad and frustrated and scared and everything else. Whether Xanga shuts down next month or continues on in it's revamped 2.0 form, this Xanga... THIS Xanga that we all know and love, this place is done. I'm entirely heartbroken by this. Now this isn't a goodbye to the people that make this place what it is. As long as we have a solid internet connection, we'll all have each other. It is just the end to the extraordinary experience we all got to share together. There's never been anything like the Xanga community and there never will be. We are a unique occurrence in the history of the universe.

    I'm gonna miss this place. I always said I'd see it to the end and we're almost there. I'm seeing a lot of people already jumping ship. Linking over to new blogging grounds. I imagined that when the end of the site did come, we'd kinda blog up a storm, y'know? How could we not go out with a bang? This place deserves better than that. I'm planning on posting something every day until they turn the lights out. A month and a half is plenty of time to still get to know new people around here. I'm not quitting on this community. I owe it way too much.


May 25, 2013

  • Nicknames...

     I need your help. I came up with a really cool nickname for @shimmerbodycream which I'm trying to make stick. I can't make it an official nickname without the rest of the world calling her by the same name. So please, join me in embracing Nataly's new name.

    Natty Boo Boo Child, you are among many things, a blessing to this world! May your new name unleash it's glorious wrath upon us all!



    Natty Boo Boo, please don't hit me with your truck for this.  

May 23, 2013

  • Memories...

    Our atoms hold memories. Memories of a time when chaos was the order. A time of explosions and collisions. Violent and beautiful at the same time. The birth of the universe is engraved into our very core, down to the atoms that make us up. That also made up the stars, so long ago.


    We remember the beginning. We were there. We were the stars. The violent and beautiful. We are still the stars. Billions of years and we have yet to change the way we live. Exploding and colliding. Things are just a little more complex. The basics still apply. The atoms will always remember.

May 20, 2013

  • Moments...

    What if the moments when you're sitting around and thinking of yourself doing something funny that makes you laugh, what if they're just parts of your time stream? Little leaks of moments that you've already lived and that have bled into your current moment, and somewhere down the line when you're older and you live that moment, it's a moment of deja-vu?